Most of us have a gas BBQ for the classic kiwi summer activity. There’s nothing better than an evening BBQ to soak up those extra hours of sunshine, but it’s important to make sure you’re keeping the family safe by giving your BBQ a regular safety check-up. Here are our tips to fry safely this summer.

Check your gas bottle for damage or rust

Take a look at the whole exterior of your gas bottle to check for any signs of damage – cracks, splits, wear and tear, or rust.  

Check the connections and hose 

Same goes for where your gas connects to the bottle and the hose – give it a good check for any signs of damage, weak points, or rust. 

Check for leaks 

Gas leaks at the connection point where the BBQ hose connects to the valve are a common cause of BBQ fires. Use the soap bubble test to check for leaks by turning the gas on and pouring soapy water over the valve. If you see bubbles, you may have a gas leak. Tighten the valve and try again or turn it off and look at getting your connection repaired or serviced by a professional. 

Turn the cylinder off as soon as you’re done cooking 

Make it a habit to turn the cylinder off as soon as your food is cooked. This avoids excess gas build-up or forgetting to turn the gas off altogether, which can be dangerous.  

Get your gas appliances serviced regularly 

A regular service will ensure your gas cylinder and connections are all in safe, working order to keep the family safe over BBQ season. 

Store your gas cylinders upright 

Be sure to store your gas cylinders upright and in a well-ventilated spot for maximum safety. 

Make sure it’s full! 

Lastly, make sure your gas cylinder has enough juice to cook the feasts you’re about to prepare! You don’t want to be leaving your guests hungry. We’ve got a gas bottle swap at our Rotorua and Kawerau locations, with Te Puke coming soon, so be sure to pop by to fill ‘er up. 

For professional gas appliance advice and servicing, give us a call on 0800 247 LEAK. 

For more info on gas BBQ safety, visit Fire and Emergency NZ or