Winter is when your hot water and gas heating will likely get used the most. That makes autumn a great time to check over your plumbing, gas, and drainage to make sure everything is running smoothly – before the cold sets in! 

Here are a few key things to check around the house to make sure your plumbing and gas run smoothly when it counts. 

Check for moisture, mould, and mildew 

It’s a good idea to check around your house to see if there’s any excess moisture sitting anywhere. Excess moisture can cause damage, be a sign of leaks, and a recipe for disaster in the long-term. Check your walls, ceilings, and in the closet for any signs of excess moisture such as water stains (looking brown, yellow, or just a tad darker than usual), mould, or bubbling on your paint or wallpaper. If you suspect a water stain on the ceiling, it may be a leaky pipe that you’ll need to get fixed! 

Check under all your sinks, too. Take a look with a torch to see if you notice any water stains, mildew, or water. Run a paper towel around any exposed piping to see if it captures any moisture. This is a clear sign of a leak that needs to be repaired (by a licenced plumber!)

Get your gas fire/appliances checked

Getting your gas fire serviced is essential to make sure it’s running safely and efficiently. Don’t wait til you really need it to find it’s not turning on! Gas appliances need regular servicing by a licenced gasfitter for safety and insurance purposes. What better time than autumn, before it gets used the most? It’s a good idea to do book your service in before the end of autumn/early winter rush to avoid long waiting times. 

Check your showers will be hot!

Give your hot water cylinder (HWC) a look over, if you have one. If you notice any leaking from the cylinder or any of the pipes around it, turn your HWC off and give us a call to fix the leak. HWCs should be checked over every year for any leaks and to make sure valves are working correctly. For mains pressure HWCs, steel HWCs have an anode that should be checked if possible, though some can’t be checked due to the installation. Ask your plumber to be sure! 

If you have a gas infinity hot water system, we also recommend getting an annual service to make sure everything is running safely and efficiently. Again, remember to book this in well before the winter rush! 

Clear out your drains

Drains, especially in your shower and bathroom sink, often get clogged up over time. You may notice your water draining more slowly – a clear sign of clogging. It’s well worth checking over all your sinks and doing a quick clean out as a preventative measure too!  

Clear your gutters and downpipes

Once the leaves have fallen, clean your gutters and downpipes out to make sure they’re working on those rainy days! While you’re at it, check for any signs of damage. If you’re not a fan of having to clear out your gutter, you can always opt for a gutter guard to stop leaves from building up in there. 


Doing all these simple checks before winter sets in every year will give you a good chance of keeping on top of your plumbing and gas maintenance right when you’ll need it most. We’re a full team of Master Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers servicing the BOP for over 30 years. To book in your service, get in touch with our friendly team.