George Richmond started with BOP Plumbing & Gas back in 2015, being part of the team for coming on 7 years now. He was working for the Kawerau branch when we bought the business and has since moved into a supervisor role, passing his knowledge on to the younger members of our team. He’s been a core staff member, always trusty and reliable. Sarah, our Commercial Manager, says about working with George: “He is very loyal and knowledgeable, we’re lucky to have him on our team!”

We figured he must be loving it when he was still with us at the 5-year mark and we reckon we were right on the money there. Why’s that? As of a couple of months ago, 3 of his sons are now working with us, too! Clem and Hori joined us in 2021 and Tama joined us in 2022.

We sat down with the Richmond whānau and asked them a bit about what it’s like to work as a plumber and to work together so closely. 

Here’s what they had to say. 


What’s it like working with your sons? 

It’s amazing. My dad was a plumber and I am so proud that we now have 3 generations of plumbers to carry on his legacy. The team in our Kawerau branch are one of the best parts of working for BOP Plumbing & Gas and I’m glad my sons have been able to join me there.  

And our question for the sons: 

What’s it like working so closely with your dad and brothers? 


It’s great to work under someone with so much diverse knowledge. I love the problem-solving side of being a plumber and I chose this job because of my poppa. It’s exhilarating to work so closely with my family – I like the problem-solving side and the knowledge that I’m 3rd generation in this trade, along with my brothers. 


It’s enjoyable and honourable to continue another generation of being in the trade. I applied through my dad after the mill shut down and I decided to chase this dream of becoming a plumber too! It’s different working with my dad and brothers, but in a good way. I like that we’re all out and about servicing our community, too. 


The experience and knowledge of a father and his son is second to none. I applied through dad and it’s great to work outside with drainlaying – suns out guns out! I think it’s awesome and different to work so closely with my dad and brothers – not many people get to experience this, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Outside of work, you’ll find George riding his motorbike, Hori doing the same (hair blowing in the wind he reckons), Clem hanging with his kids, and Tama riding motocross, surfing, or practicing jujitsu. 

When we asked George if the rest of his sons/family are going to join the team too, guess what he said? YES! Watch this space for more Richmond family updates!